That bedroom scene and the truth about (re)writing.

YUP. There’s a bedroom scene in my new book. Not so much that kind of bedroom scene. It’s 50 shades of innocent, I promise. But still… It’s a scene in a bedroom. In a bed. With a girl and a guy. And I will admit, I had my worries that some readers might be a bit tsk-tsk-y about it. So far, if there’ve been any raised eyebrows, I haven’t heard them. (Not that ... Read More »

Grasping what it means to be called ~ a guest post (plus a giveaway!)

Do you know what’s the absolute best part of writing a book? It’s when the book is all done and out there in the world and you, as the author, hear back from readers. I had the wonderful delight of hearing back from a reader, Brittany, shortly after From the Start’s release. One of the things Brittany told me in her email is that she specifically connected with the grant-writin... Read More »

Five times Kate Walker is…me.

In the past month or so as my new book From the Start has landed in early readers’ and reviewers’ hands, I’ve been asked one question more than any other: Are you Kate Walker? It’s a logical question. Kate is, after all, a writer of romantic stories. She’s from Iowa. She loves old movies. Her hair can’t decide whether it’s curly or just messy. The similar... Read More »

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! (+ giveaways galore)

Excuse me if I turn a little bit crazy amounts of giddy! And emotional. And giddy. Because the book I once thought might neverrrrr get done is out in the world in both paperback and digital form. Yes, you might’ve seen it creep onto some bookstore shelves early and it was out in digital form last week. But today is the formal, technical, Melissa-eats-cake-official release day for From the... Read More »

All the reasons I’ve cried recently.

I’m not a big crier, folks. I’m just not. Crying gives me a headache and makes my makeup run and when it’s all over I look like I’m suffering from chicken pox, tuberculosis and pink eye all at once. I’ll give you a sec to get that image out of your head. Truthfully, though, several things have made me cry recently…both happy and sad. Thought I’d share: Thi... Read More »

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