It’s a book release giveaway kind of day!

Melissa Tagg Giveaway 155 Comments

(Just in case you’ve got a busy day and don’t have time for my happy rambling, giveaway details are at the bottom of the post… ) ***KEEP HOLDING ON is here!*** I know, I know. I should’ve found a more graceful way to intro this blog post. I should write something meaningful about why this book holds such a special …

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    Ten tips to chase your dream {part 2}

    Melissa Tagg Dreams 7 Comments

    We’re talking about dreams on the blog…because it’s pretty much one of my favorite topics ever. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you can do so right here. Thank you so much to everyone who commented, emailed and Facebooked me following last week’s post. I love hearing about your dreams! I’ve had the joy of seeing some pretty big …

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      Ten tips to chase your dream {part 1}

      Melissa Tagg Dreams 26 Comments

      Do you know what I just love? I love talking to dreamers. And I randomly got to do so much of that last week! It’s like something was in the air. Questions from aspiring writers on Goodreads . . . a conversation with a stranger in Staples about his music aspirations . . . coffee with a friend who is working …

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        Summer Break Giveaway!

        Melissa Tagg Giveaway 97 Comments

        Okay…nobody go into shock or anything…but this thing you’re reading right now…it’s a blog post. An actual blog post from yours truly, the girl who hasn’t posted an entry on her own blog in… *gulp* …I’d rather not say. I haven’t gone this long between blog posts since 2009, folks! I’ve made some changes in my life recently. Some bigger …

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          Grace Triumphant . . . with author Alicia Willis

          Melissa Tagg Giveaway, Guest 13 Comments

          Today I’m happy to welcome repeat guest Alicia Willis to the blog! Alicia is here to tell us about her latest book, Grace Triumphant. And she’s giving away a digital Kindle copy of her book! You can enter to win by leaving a comment below. Thanks for being here today, Alicia! Melissa: Okay, we need to know about your latest book. …

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            Writing Hard and Clear About What Hurts (a heartfelt guest post)

            Melissa Tagg Faith, Guest 16 Comments

            First of all, minor housekeeping note: I’ve been super absentee around these parts lately. I’m sorry…and yet not. Because April was thrillingly full with book stuff and speaking engagements and May is thrillingly carefree with lots of family and friend fun. I do hope to churn out a post in the next week or so, but thankfully I’ve got some …

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              Netflix confessions with awesome author Jill Lynn Buteyn (plus a giveaway!)

              Melissa Tagg Giveaway, Guest 14 Comments

              It’s my super happy pleasure to welcome Jill Lynn Buteyn to the blog today. In addition to being a wonderful author, Jill shares a very important obsession with me: Parenthood…the TV show. I’ve kinda not known what to do with myself TV-wise since the show ended last year. Like, what am I supposed to do on Thursday night’s without my …

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                Why I *really* love Logan (plus a giveaway!)

                Melissa Tagg Like Never Before 237 Comments

                Yeah, this post was bound to happen sooner or later. ‘Cause, you know, why wouldn’t I write a post about how and why I fell in love with my own fictional character? And it’s release day for Like Never Before, so the timing is perfect!! Here’s the thing: If you’ve heard me talk about Logan Walker, the hero of Like …

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                  What better way to celebrate spring? (aka giveaway time!!)

                  Melissa Tagg Giveaway 28 Comments

                  Okay, here’s the thing: I started writing a post for this week about why I love Logan. Fake Logan Walker, I mean. My Logan…from my soon-to-release new book, Like Never Before. It started out funny and turned serious and got ultra share-my-heart-y. But then time got away from me and the post didn’t get finished and it’s totally okay. Because why not wait and …

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                    Four years ago today…and an un-lessoning.

                    Melissa Tagg Faith 31 Comments

                    February 22, 2012 It was just a normal day and I was just doing a normal thing–procrastinating by way of checking my email. Only there was something unexpected waiting for me in my inbox. An email from an acquisitions editor at Bethany House Publishers telling me she’d followed my blog for some time and kept up with me on Twitter …

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