The one Christmas tradition I *don’t* like (plus the Fa-La-La Giveaway!)

I love lots of Christmas traditions: Classic Christmas movies. (Somebody posted a comment on Facebook the other day asking if she’s missing out by never having seen It’s a Wonderful Life. It was all I could do to stop crying and pull myself together before replying.) Christmas candy…especially candy that other people make. I tend to have issues when I attempt to make it myself. (... Read More »

Top Ten Classic Christmas Movies

It’s no secret that I love classic movies. It’s possible that the epitaph on my gravestone may read:  She loved Classic Movies (and also Needtobreathe and flannel) But never do I get more classic movie googley-eyed than at Christmas. Any other time of the year, I do mostly okay realizing that many people do not care for my movie faves and may never see the greats (like His Girl Friday... Read More »

Twelve Films of Christmas Part II

Oh you guys! Massive fun alert! A couple days ago, my awesome author friend Hillary Manton Lodge posted Part I of our Twelve Films of Christmas two-part blog event. The goal: combine our love of Christmas and our love of movies…and also our love of other writers. We asked ten fellow authors their favorite Christmas movies, threw our own in, AND set up two giveaways with twelve books up for g... Read More »

Jessica Patch is awesome and she has a new Christmas novella and she is awesome!

Jessica R. Patch is basically one of the coolest people I’ve ever met online…and then thankfully eventually in person! She was one of the very first people to read this blog when I haphazardly started it with no idea what I was doing. Seriously, I think her comments kept me going for several months. She is also hilarious. And wise beyond measure. And she sends the best singing texts in... Read More »

What inspired my new Christmas story + don’t miss the giveaway!

    It is a truth universally acknowledged… …that when a girl is obsessed with classic movies, her storytelling can’t help but be impacted by said obsession. Turns out every story I’ve written so far has some kind of classic movie thread lacing through it–whether it was an intentional “angle borrowing” as in the case of Made to Last and Christmas... Read More »

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