That New Year’s Post.

Melissa Tagg Faith, On Writing 10 Comments

Soooo…I keep saying I’m going to write a New Year’s post. Because that’s what you do when you’re a blogger. Even an infrequent (as of last summer-ish, I was all scheduled and committed before) blogger like me. It’s just what you do. You tell the Internet about your resolutions or your “one word” or your writing goals for the coming year… …

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    One Enchanted Christmas is here + a mega giveaway!

    Melissa Tagg Giveaway 70 Comments

    YAY!! It’s release day for One Enchanted Christmas.  I’m so excited. And nervous. And excited. And nervous. And… You get the point, yes? But I’m truly grateful to have had the time and opportunity to write this novella. It was such a blast…by far some of the most fun I’ve had writing lately. It’s also my first time releasing a project …

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      Super fun times (and a giveaway!) with debut author Rachel McMillan

      Melissa Tagg Guest 27 Comments

      Guyyyyyys, today my awesome friend Rachel McMillan is here! She’s no stranger to this blog. She’s written posts here on the intersection of  Sherlock and faith…Dr. MacNeill…and Luke from Gilmore Girls.  But today’s visit with one of my favorite Canadians is by far the most exciting because she’s here to talk about her brand new debut novella–A Singular and Whimsical Problem. …

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        When you’re nervous. (Also, a heartfelt thank you.)

        Melissa Tagg Thoughts 22 Comments

        All right, friends. I’m just going to be super honest today, okay? I mean, I like to think I’m always honest here, but I usually try to couch the transparency in funny stories and slightly off the wall confessions about crushes on characters and plans to stalk my favorite band and etc etc etc. But today…today I’m just going to lay …

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          When you’ve got an irrational crush (plus giveaway info!)

          Melissa Tagg Romance 14 Comments

          (Super fun giveaway info at the bottom of this post!) Okay, let’s just get something out on the table once and for all: I HAVE A CRUSH ON MY OWN FAKE HERO. ♥♥♥ I know, you totally didn’t know that. I totally haven’t talked about it tons on Facebook and everywhere. I totally haven’t been obvious about it. (Lies.) FINE. I’ve been …

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            That ending. And why I write.

            Melissa Tagg On Writing 18 Comments

            Fun fact: I do not like to cry. Which is why: I turn the channel with lightening speed anytime I hear Sarah McLachlan’s breathy voice at the start of the worst commercial known to man: those pet rescue ones with the sad animals. I generally refuse to watch Nicholas Sparks movies. (Plus, crying at Nicholas Sparks movies is confusing. During …

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              Reflections on important things on my birthday…

              Melissa Tagg Monday Funday 26 Comments

              Guys, it’s my birthday today! I know the mature, demure thing to do would be wave it off. Pretend I’m too old to get excited about birthdays and I haven’t actually been thinking about ice cream cake for a week now. But I’m not and I have and I’m sorry, I just like the day, okay? Seeing as how I’m another …

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                Regency Novels. Obsessions. And when a friend listens.

                Melissa Tagg Books, Random 25 Comments

                Guys, something happened to me recently. It came out of nowhere. Completely unexpected. I became obsessed with regency novels. I’m not even joking! It started out of simple curiosity about a book I’d heard tons of people talk about but didn’t get around to reading when it first released: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. (Soooo good!) And it led into a full-blown …

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                  Why I got cool with breaking the rules…

                  Melissa Tagg On Writing 24 Comments

                  It’s been a little quiet around this blog in the past few months. My website silence started out of necessity in the form of a deadline. Back in June, I did a pretty massive rewrite of my next book. Like, I tore it apart. It was a LOT of work in a short amount of time. It also included a …

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                    Meet author Wesley Banks and check out this sweet giveaway!

                    Melissa Tagg Giveaway, Guest 20 Comments

                    I love meeting new author friends online! I’m not sure how Wesley Banks and I got connected, but I’m really glad we did…because not only does his new novel, Hope in Every Raindrop, look wonderful, he’s a fellow NEEDTOBREATHE fan. Which, in my world, basically means “kindred spirit.”  One of the reasons I’m excited to read Wesley’s book (which is …

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