A chance to win FROM THE START galleys!

My upcoming book FROM THE START, which releases in April, is all about a retired NFL quarterback and a jaded writer of romantic made-for-TV movies. Writing my heroine scriptwriter wasn’t such a stretch for me. Sure, it took a little research to discover where and how Hallmark-esque movies are made. But I felt up for the task. Writing a football player, though? Pretty much as foreign as MATH.... Read More »

Who is the greatest superhero EVER? (Tons of guests + a giveaway!)

People, I have been looking forward to this blog post for weeks. (Because, yes, I’m the kind of person who gets excited about blog posts. Don’t laugh.) Here’s the deal: Back in November, I FINALLY saw Guardians of the Galaxy. As a rather ardent Chris Pratt fan (because how fun is Andy Dwyer?), it’s a shame it took me so long to finally see it. Thing is, once I did see and... Read More »

Two weeks until the mega fun begins

Hey guys! Okay, here’s the deal: I had plans to do some ridiculously fun things on the blog this month BUT I reeeeeally need to write book four. It’s in the works and I’m having a blast with it, but I need to focus hard core in the next couple weeks. So I’m stepping back from the blog for two weeks. But…you’ll wanna come back on January 26 because I have somethi... Read More »

Grabbing the impossible

I saw this quote written on a marker board recently and snapped a photo. It’s an awesome quote. It’s an even more awesome quote when considered in the context of where I spotted it…on the board hanging in the classroom of a recovery center for homeless men. It made me smile so much knowing a man who is in the midst of digging into the root causes of his homelessness (addiction, a... Read More »

“Kiss Me. I’m Clueless.” A fabulous guest post from Nichole Parks + a giveaway!

You know how sometimes you get that perfect email from that perfect person saying the perfect words at the perfect time? (Also, you know how sometimes you totally overuse the same word over and over in one sentence??) Well that perfect email came for me, recently, from a writer named Nichole Parks. I “met” Nichole when she was interning at Bethany House (my publisher) last year. We rec... Read More »

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