Big Birthday Giveaway! (books, movies, cookies and more)

  September is my favorite month of the year for about a thousand reasons! Including this: It’s my birthday! Well, not quite yet. My birthday is actually September 28. But I’m starting the celebration early because this month also marks the one-year birthday of a couple pretty special people in my life. Their names are Matthew and Miranda and they’re the main characters in m... Read More »

Because…Ollie :)

I’ve been doing a Friday series on bravery in the past few weeks and I had a post ready to go in my head for this week. But then I got distracted. By this guy.   Yes, it’s true. My nephew is the cutest kid IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. So the bravery series continues next week with a post about saying honest things…and a peek behind my writing curtain. For now, I’ve got a nephe... Read More »

How to pack for the ACFW (or any) writing conference

Around this time of year, I always write a post about the ACFW Conference. Posts like If Best = Random Then These are My Best Conference Tips or How to Stalk Your Favorite Author at ACFW. If you’re not attending the conference, I apologize for the uselessness of this post. And I offer up this for your amusement instead. If you are attending the conference, well, then I hope this is helpful. Or... Read More »

Goodreads giveaway! Because I will take any excuse to celebrate.

Guess what? Over the weekend, my second book, Here to Stay, turned four months old. I celebrated…by working on my third book. I will make a little confession here: Back when I was writing Here to Stay, I may have had a few moments of frustration. By which I mean there were days when I wanted to finally put to use that roundhouse kick thing I learned from Billy Blanks of TaeBo fame…and... Read More »

What I learned from the Man in Black. (Or when bravery is saying “My story isn’t over.”)

(This is part of a Friday series on bravery. Because it’s the topic on my mind lately. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here.) I mentioned last week that I recently took a weekend trip to Nashville. It was, in a word, FUN. On our last day there, a couple friends and I (shoutout to Clay and Danica) ventured out to the Johnny Cash museum. Now, previously, I wasn’t bi... Read More »

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