One Enchanted Giveaway!

Melissa Tagg Giveaway 279 Comments

You guys…I kinda technically have two books releasing today. And I’m kinda totally delighted about the whole thing! ‘Cause, really, this whole Enchanted series just started off as a whim back in 2015. A complete and total whim inspired by nothing more than my silly love for the cover model on one of my books. (It’s his eyes, man. Specifically, …

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    It’s a Double Birthday Bash Giveaway!

    Melissa Tagg Giveaway 371 Comments

    (In celebration of my birthday and the release of my fourth and final Walker Family book, I’m giving away a $25 VISA gift card plus ALL FOUR Walker novels! Find all the giveaway entry details at the bottom of this post. ) You guys…it’s my birthday. And the book birthday for All This Time!! Not gonna lie, I’m more excited about …

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      Q&A and Giveaway with Lori Benton!

      Melissa Tagg Giveaway 61 Comments

      So, there are books I love. And there are books I loooooooooooove. Every single book Lori Benton has ever written falls into that latter category for me. She’s my very favorite author, and her writing is so gorgeous I really can’t even talk about it intelligently. I just turn into a gushy mess when I try. So needless to say, when an …

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        ALL THIS TIME pre-release giveaway!

        Melissa Tagg Giveaway 141 Comments

        Hey! Guess what . . . my next book, All This Time, releases two months from today! Yep, it’s releasing on September 28. Which also happens to be my birthday. So basically I will have two reasons to eat ice cream cake that day. Did I purposely plan it that way? Maaaaybe. But here’s the thing, if you’ve paid any attention at all …

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          Celebrating with a giveaway!

          Melissa Tagg Giveaway 34 Comments

          Hey friends! I remembered something this weekend. Something it probably seems like I’ve forgotten for a long time. And that something is this: I have a blog! Admittedly, one I’ve half-abandoned lately. But for once, I’m taking a few minutes to sit down all formal-like (okay, fine, I’m wearing pajamas and sitting on my bed) and write an actual post. …

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            Kiss-or-Miss Winter Scavenger Hunt: Stop #8…with Crystal Walton!

            Melissa Tagg Uncategorized 31 Comments

            Welcome to the “Kiss or Miss” Scavenger Hunt. Journey through all eight stops, following the order in the schedule. Each stop will include two or three clue words in red. Collect them all and enter to win our grand prize at the final stop on February 17th on Crystal’s site. Along each stop, you’ll get to meet an awesome author …

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              Do Less, Be More in 2017

              Melissa Tagg Faith 22 Comments

              Note: Every year around New Year’s, I take a day or two to reflect. To journal, think, pray, process, dream…all that lovely introspective stuff. This year was no different. It was wonderful, enlivening, refreshing, reviving. Most of what happened in my head and heart is just me and God sorta stuff. But some of it’s shareable and so here we …

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                Guest post and giveaway from author Wesley Banks

                Melissa Tagg Giveaway, Guest 13 Comments

                Today I’m thrilled to welcome fellow author Wesley Banks to the blog! He’s the author of Hope in Every Raindrop and his latest release, Faith in Every Footstep. He gets extra cool points in my book since he’s a fellow fan of my favorite band, Needtobreathe. He’s here today with a poignant post and a giveaway.  I recently published my …

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                  One Enchanted Kitchen . . . with Brandy Bruce

                  Melissa Tagg Giveaway 9 Comments

                    The kitcheny fun continues! Today I’m super happy to welcome author and editor Brandy Bruce. I have to confess that the second I looked at Brandy’s recipe, all I wanted to do was rush to the store, nab all the ingredients, make it…AND EAT EVERY BITE OF IT. I mean, first of all: cream cheese. Second of all: pumpkin. …

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                    One Enchanted Kitchen . . . with Hillary Manton Lodge

                    Melissa Tagg Giveaway 17 Comments

                    Oh you guys! I’m so excited to welcome Hillary Manton Lodge to the blog today. It’s not her first visit here and hopefully it won’t be her last. I’m forever indebted to Hillary…because she introduced me to the wonder, the splendor, the happiness that is The Great British Baking Show. (Or, if you’re an actual Brit, The Great British Bake …

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