The hot, sweaty, SCARED cowboy. (Or when being brave is looking out the window)

I think I’m about to break a major blogging rule. I’m going to *gasp* process some personal things I’ve been thinking about in blog form—all having to do with bravery. I wrote about bravery a couple weeks ago and ever since, have been reading this amazing book called Let’s All Be Brave and I just have ALL these thoughts. So I’m going to process them. Right here.... Read More »

Things to do when you’re super sick (complete with pie chart)

I got really sick last week. I’m kind of still sick now as I’m typing this. There’s been a LOT of cough medicine consumption. The result is this post. I’m…sorry. ***** If a person is going to have a blog, she should use said blog to benefit humanity, yeah? Well, today I’m using my blog to educate the general public about how to handle late-summer illness. In my ... Read More »

Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, & how to be brave.

Headlines have been crowded this week with news of Robin Williams’ death. And rightly so. The man is legend and his passing, heartbreaking in more ways than one. But another celebrity passed away this week—an actress from Hollywood’s golden era and a personal favorite of mine: Lauren Bacall. And here’s the part of the post where I get all Stern Melissa and say if you’... Read More »

Why no, I didn’t wear heels to the State Fair

One of my long-distance best friends and I have a tradition. It’s a tradition shared by about a million people each August. The Iowa State Fair. We go each year. Partially because I only live a few miles away. Partially because it makes a great excuse to see each other. And partially because we have an irrational love for the petting zoo. I’ve written my fair share of blog posts about ... Read More »

Gilmore Guys (a guest series) . . . DEAN! featuring Charissa Kerley and a giveaway

What a summer it’s been here at the blog. I’ve looooved talking about Gilmore Girls (ahem, guys) each Friday with such awesome guests. Alas, all good things must come to an end. I actually though we were ending this thing a couple weeks ago, but then two more awesome guests came forward. Including kind and brave Charissa Kerley. Kind because she’s writing about the Gilmore Guy wh... Read More »

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