A walking tour of Maple Valley…

I’ve had a lot of people ask how I choose the settings for my books. The answer, ummm…  Each setting (so far) has come about for different reasons. But when it came time to kick off my new Walker Family Series—which includes Three Little Words, just released this week—I knew I wanted to set it in Iowa, my home state. ‘Cause I just love my state!  What I didn’t... Read More »

Three Little Words + One Great Giveaway!

YAY it’s the official release day for my free e-novella, Three Little Words. This novella paves the way for my new Walker Family series. I love this story. I really love it…for a lot of reasons, like: Two words: Seth. Walker. There’s a halfway-unintentional inside joke running through it and I’m itching to see if anybody’s going to realize it. (My money’s on my... Read More »

Get *Three Little Words* EARLY + gushing acknowledgements!

Guys, I have an e-novella releasing tomorrow… But you can get it early! Three Little Words is available for download today by going here. Tomorrow you’ll be able to get it at B&N, Amazon, CBD and all the usual places. But do you really want to wait a whole 24 hours?? And bonus: There’s a sneak peek of From the Start at the end! Three Little Words is my very first novella.... Read More »

Why CALLED is going on my ‘favorites’ shelf

Earlier this week I posted an interview with debut author Ryan Pemberton. We talked about his new book—CALLED: My Journey to C.S. Lewis’s House & Back Again—and I had a chance to gush just briefly. But today I’d like to gush at length. What follows is half-review, half-reflection. Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance to enter the giveaway for a copy of CALLED, you can do that below. W... Read More »

An interview with CALLED author Ryan Pemberton + a giveaway

It’s rare anymore that I will sit down and read for hours. I just never have time…that is, until last week. A killer virus had me down for the better part of a week. The downside: I looked and felt like death. The upside: I got to read! And I had the privilege of reading one of the best books I’ve read in I-don’t-even-know-how-long: Ryan Pemberton’s CALLED: My Journey... Read More »

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