Gilmore Guys (a guest series)…featuring an actual Gilmore Guy aka John Otte (plus another giveaway)

Back when we first kicked off this Gilmore Guys series here at the blog, I planned to have guest posters stop by each week and chat about our favorite men from one of my/our favorite shows: Gilmore Girls. But an awesome thing has happened in the past couple months. I’ve discovered there’s a fair amount of MEN out there who like Gilmore Girls, too. Just so you know, I’m doing my b... Read More »

My writing process.

Happy Monday, folks. Today I’m participating in the Writing Process blog hop that’s been making the rounds on the Triple W lately. But first, can we talk about why my madeup world wide web moniker isn’t catching on? I just think Triple W sounds so great. Like a virtual wild west ranch, you know? My friend Clay Morgan tagged me to participate in this blog hop. [insert requisite jo... Read More »

Gilmore Guys (a guest series) . . . JACKSON! featuring Sarah Varland and a giveaway

It’s Gilmore Guys Fridays! Almost every week I explain what this blog series is about, so this week I’m going to spare you the explanation. However, if this is your first visit to this little corner of the Triple W (yes, I made up my own moniker for the world wide web), feel free to check out past explanations and fabulous posts from all our too-cool guests. So far, the lineup has incl... Read More »

The truth about the writing life (aka the post about Needtobreathe + a giveaway)

…because OF COURSE I was going to write a post about Needtobreathe eventually… Earlier this summer I saw my favorite band in concert. Twice. And when I say “favorite” I mean the band I love so much I can’t even really talk about it with any semblance of self-control. I’m reduced to unintelligible gushing. I mean…the whole southern rock infused with folk infused with anthem vi... Read More »

Gilmore Guys (a guest series) . . . DIGGER! featuring Allison Pittman and giveaway

If you’ve been around this blog at all this summer then you know what today is: Gilmore Guys day! Every Friday, awesome author friends are joining me here to talk about our favorite men from one of our favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls. So far, we’ve talked about Jess, Logan, Luke, Marty, Max, and Kirk. This week’s guest is the fabulous Allison Pittman, whose latest book, All ... Read More »

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