Gettysburg, WWII, drumming dreams & more…a Q&A + giveaway with Rachel Muller

I’m not sure how I first met author Rachel Muller online…but somehow our paths crossed, probably more than a year ago, and I’m so glad they did. Why? Because she writes my faaaavorite era of historical fiction: World War II. Rachel recently released her first novel, Letters from Grace, and now that my own deadline is over, I finally get to read it. Can’t wait! And I have t... Read More »

Meet debut spec-fic author Amanda G. Stevens + a giveaway

When I was getting ready to send today’s awesome guest questions for this Q&A below, I had to do some mental digging to remember when I first met her. Then it hit me: I met Amanda G. Stevens in Florida. Beautiful Florida with its warm temps and ocean views…and yearly MBT Deep Thinkers Retreat. Amanda and I were both aspiring authors when we met, both working to learn the craft and ... Read More »

Why it’s going to be quiet around here for a couple weeks.

Hey guys! This week I’m heading off to one of my favorite trips of the year: the ACFW Conference in St. Louis. It’s an event during which about seven hundred writers and publishing industry professionals take over a Hyatt Regency Hotel and basically have the grown-up version of summer camp.  Not nearly as many mosquitos. But just as much staying up late and laughing. Plus, I get to we... Read More »

A peek behind my writing curtain (Or when bravery is being honest)

This post is part of a Friday series on bravery…because it’s the topic on my mind lately. And I guess I can’t help writing about it. You can check out previous bravery posts here, here and here. An interesting thing happened last week when I was rewriting a scene for my spring 2015 release, From the Start. I was writing in my heroine’s POV…which in plain speak means I... Read More »

Big Birthday Giveaway! (books, movies, cookies and more)

  September is my favorite month of the year for about a thousand reasons! Including this: It’s my birthday! Well, not quite yet. My birthday is actually September 28. But I’m starting the celebration early because this month also marks the one-year birthday of a couple pretty special people in my life. Their names are Matthew and Miranda and they’re the main characters in m... Read More »

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