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It’s my honor to introduce you to Janet Chester Bly. She’s a city girl with a country heart…and a prolific writer, too! She’s writes contemporary, historical and cozy mystery novels. Find out more about Janet and Bly books at

Janet’s latest book is Down Squash Blossom Road. 

DSBR-Front-Cover-Hi-Res-405x600What Secret Lies Down Squash Blossom Road?

Cowgirl Reba Cahill’s schedule is full. Save the family ranch. Free her mom from a mental institute. Solve a murder and kidnapping. Evade a stalker. Can she also squeeze in romance?

Reba Cahill focused on the duties of the ranch, along with her widowed grandmother. But a crippled Champ Runcie returns to Road’s End in a wheelchair and seeks revenge for the accident that put him there. He blames Reba’s horse. Meanwhile, a letter from her estranged mom forces her and Grandma Pearl back on the road: I can leave now. Come get me. Love, Mom

When they arrive in Reno, her mother issues a demand and refuses to return to Idaho. They head west instead. In California, Reba’s friend Ginny’s marriage is on the rocks. The family business is threatened. And squabbles turn deadly.

Reba digs deep to find the courage to forge a relationship with her mom and escape a crazed man’s obsession. She also hopes for a future with a horse trainer who offers her a new horse to replace the one she lost in the accident. But why does he have a photo of a pretty woman on his wall?

Since Janet’s current series takes place during 1991, she’s written a fun post full of 1991 headlines…

12 Months of 1991 Headlines


The Trails of Reba Cahill western mystery series revolves around May-September 1991. This summer forms the foundation for the rest of 25-year-old cowgirl Reba Cahill’s life. Reba’s personal adventures occur within the backdrop of certain national and world social and political events. Here are some sample highlights ….


President George H. W. Bush oversees launch of Operation Desert Storm. Gulf War begins as U.S. determines to liberate Kuwait from Iraq invasion. Iraq responds by sending scud missiles into Israel.

A new all-star rendition of John Lennon’s song “Give Peace A Chance” is released in response to the imminent war.


Gulf War ends after 100 hours of ground fighting. Iraq army sets oil fields on fire as they leave Kuwait.


Reba McentireEight members of country singer Reba McEntire’s band die in fiery plane crash.

Four Los Angeles police officers are indicted for the videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King during an arrest.


U.N. Security Council calls for destruction of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons stockpile and ballistic missiles. Iraq agrees to withdraw its support of international terrorism.


Queen Elizabeth II gives speech in U.S. Congress, first address to U.S. Congress by a British monarch.

Thelma and Louise movie released.


Mt Pinatubo volcano erupts in Philippines. World weather patterns effected with the spread of mega tons of particulates into the stratosphere, the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century.


Bank of Credit and Commerce indicted in New York for largest bank fraud in history.

Movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day released.


Internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use and number of computers on the net reaches 1 million. Young British scientiest Tim Berners-Lee releases files describing his idea for the “World Wide Web.”

Super Nintendo console is released.


Release of American Grunge band Nirvana’s “Nevermind” signified the start of the Grunge music era.


Governor of Arkansas, William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton, announces he’ll seek the 1992 Democratic nomination for U.S. President.


After pressure for publication mounted, general access made available to photographs of the Dead Sea Scrolls, forty-four years after discovery of the first Scroll.

Singer Michael Jackson releases his world-wide hit album “Dangerous.”

Judds Wynonna&NaomiDecember

Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union officially ceases to exist.

Mother-daughter country singers The Judds give final concert performance as a duo.


Janet Chester Bly is the widow of Christy Award winning western author Stephen Bly. They authored and co-authored–his, hers, and theirs–more than 120 fiction and nonfiction books for adults and kids. The Trails of Reba Cahill series are her first solo adult novels.

Here’s the Stop #7 Skinny: 

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    Comments 242

    1. Micaiah K.

      Hi, Melissa!! Thanks so much for the giveaway… I’ve never participated in a scavenger hunt before! I’ll have to look at more of the other posts!

      1. Micaiah K.

        P.S. (cuz I always seem to forget to see what question was asked for the comment part) That’s cool Queen Elizabeth gave a speech in Congress! And Super Nintendo released…fun – because three of my siblings are total gamers and…I am not. 😉 (And I have no memory of any of these happenings because I’m a 2000 baby. Yes I am. ;)) And what intrigued me the most? Probably the Dead Sea Scrolls.

        1. Angelina

          Cool! I’m a 2000 baby, too! We rock, right? Lol anyways, this scavenger hunt is so much fun! Love learning about all these new authors!

    2. Sylvia M.

      I remember when Bill Clinton ran for president, but not that headline. I was only ten in 1991! The current events held no interest for me at that age. The Adventures of the Northwoods series by Lois Walfrid Johnson was all I was interested in at the time. :) Kate, Anders, and Eric were my world!


    3. Deana Dick

      I remember all the headlines but I can’t believe it was that long ago that Rodney King was beaten. Such a sad day. And I’m thankful that the Gulf War had ended. Thanks for sharing those.

    4. rochelle

      I think when the bank of Credit and Commerce indicted in New York for largest bank fraud in history is most intriguing to me.

    5. Becky Smith

      What intrigued me the most was Queen Elizabeth’s speech to Congress, although I remember all of the others when they happened.

    6. Katherine Good

      I don’t have many memories from that time other than stirrup pants, which I adored. I was only 5…I do remember knowing there was a war happening in the dessert and seeing news clips on tv about it.

    7. Jamie Kimmons

      After pressure for publication mounted, general access made available to photographs of the Dead Sea Scrolls, forty-four years after discovery of the first Scroll.

      I don’t have memories of any of these events except the end of the war – just a faint memory of my dad mentioning the war was over.
      But this headline is intriguing!

    8. Laurel Stein

      Oh I sure remember! I think it was my first or second year being homeschooled (I was in junior high), and my mom had us watch the news coverage of Operation Desert Storm pretty much non-stop. We could tell you all the generals, all the details, etc. It was such a dramatic episode in American history!!

    9. Wilma DeCamp

      Hello Melissa, I was married in 1991! Having worked and lived in Nashville for three years prior to my marriage and being a traditional Country Music Fan…the events regarding the loss of Reba’s band and the final concert of The Judd’s peaked my interest! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your books!

      1. Janet Chester Bly

        Wilma: Interesting you were married in 1991! There was a 1991 wedding in Down Squash Blossom Road, Book 2, Trails of Reba Cahill and I have a feeling there might be another one in Book 3, which has the working title, Beneath a Camperdown Elm.

    10. Alison Lynch

      I remember a lot of it, but not all. I was in 6th grade for most of 91. The war probably had the most impact on me, as we wrote to soldiers and studied it a lot at school.

    11. Sarah C

      Hey Melissa! Would love to win Keep Holding On :)

      Most intriguing…Queen Elizabeth II in Congress and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Don’t remember any of it because I wasn’t born till a couple years later.

    12. Brittaney B

      The headline that I remember best was the first Gulf War. I was 11 and remember hearing about it ending while I was at church. I was so relieved.

    13. Suzanne Sellner

      This scavenger hunt is such fun! What a clever idea! You’re a new author to me, and I’d love to read your book. Thanks for offering it.

    14. Abigail Mitchell

      I’d have to say August…my husband was born August 22 1991. :) And its cool to see what all was going on when he was born.

    15. Ruth Toy

      I remember some of these events but not all of them or maybe I just remember them being talked about because I wouldn’t have been very old! I would have been 4 or 5! I really look forward to getting a chance to read this book. Thank you for being a part of the scavenger hunt!!

    16. Evelyn Smith

      I remember most of the events of 1991 but mostly I remember Desert Storm. We prayed constantly for the end of that war and celebrated when it did end.
      It was heartbreaking news of the plane crash taking members of Reba McIntyre’s band.
      The Judd’s final tour was sad, especially in light of the fact that Naomi was leaving for health reasons.
      The sadness of the Rodney King incident. How could we have come so far, yet backtrack so horribly?

    17. Gail Hollingsworth

      I’m old, I remember it all very well. Being a very big Reba fan (wasn’t she great last night at the 50th Country Music Awards?)
      I was saddened to learn of the plane crash killing some of her band members.

    18. Michelle Krimaschewicz

      It’s so weird to think of a ‘historical’ book that takes place in my lifetime! I was in elementary school then, and I remember Desert Storm. We had a soldier pen pal. I also remember hearing about Reba’s band. I really didn’t pay much attention to current events or politics at the time.

    19. Rebecca Dewey

      I remember most of these, but the one about the Super Nintendo being released made me smile. Wow, that was a long time ago!

    20. Susan Ferrell

      So…now I feel OLD! I think I remember almost ALL of these happening!

      But, “Gulf War ends after 100 hours of ground fighting. Iraq army sets oil fields on fire as they leave Kuwait.” is the the most intriguing. A very tense time, but over so quickly.

      PS. My hubby is a journalism/polysci major….congrats for getting out of the rat-race! 😉

    21. Heather Palmer

      Hi, Melissa and Janet! I have also never participated in the scavenger hunt, but I’m having so much fun learning about new authors and books I’ve not seen. I was only 12 at the time, but I do remember little bits of the above here and there. I definitely remember the Gulf War. I didn’t know that eight members of Reba’s band had died. So sad! I remember Super Nintendo and vaguely remember the internet coming on around that time. I believe around 14-15 or so, I went onto chat rooms frequently and talked to people. lol My parents had no idea. lol I do remember them finding the Dead Sea Scrolls, too. Lots of things happened that year. Thanks for participating! I’m thoroughly and truly enjoying myself. :)


      I was only 11 at the time but I remember writing to letters to my older sister best friend who was serving in Iraq at the time!

    23. Margie

      I remember most of these events and I will have to go with Queen Elizabeth because a lot of the events weren’t too happy….I have to say, Melissa, that we have many of the same tastes in reading materials through the years….I especially love Michael Phillips…no matter whether he is writing alone or collaborating with someone else….my bookshelves are crammed with pretty much every book he has ever written and my bookshelves have spilled over onto my Kindle!!! Love the scavenger hunt and thanks for participating!!!!

    24. Debbie Rhoades

      I remember them all, but I remember the war beginning and I also remember the plane crash that killed members of Reba McEntire’s band.

    25. Isabella Ellis

      I do not remember these headlines. 1991 was a few years before I was born! However, I was surprised upon reading the tragedy regarding Reba McEntire’s band members. I’ve grown up listening to her so it is interesting and very saddening to see that such a terrible thing happened to her and her band.

    26. Micaiah

      Your writing looks so good, I hope to read some of your books soon! By the way, I saw on your Facebook that you watched the World Series game and are an instant Cubs fan. I’m a big Cubs fan, so that made me smile. =)

    27. Mary

      I don’t remember any of these events (as I wasn’t born yet), but the one that stood out to me the most was the one about the internet in August 1991. It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been using the internet for about 25 years when it’s already a thing we take for granted so often!

    28. Samantha T

      So there is one that I remember the Judds final concert. For intriguing I would say the plane crash that had Reba’s band aboard. I have only really heard of it in passing a time or two.

    29. Bee

      Wasn’t born yet in 1991. A few years to go. Which one of them is the most intriguing ? Well, Queen Elizabeth in front of the Congress. I didn’t know that.

    30. Shirley Strait

      You missed the best highlight of 1991 – my youngest son was born in October of that year!!!
      The scaveneger hunt is great fun .

    31. Grace Miller

      I find the one about the Internet and the World Wide Web rather interesting. Now it’s as if we cannot live without it.

    32. Polly Schneider

      I remember the terrible protests that went on after the beating of Rodney King. It left an impression on me I think I’ll never forget.

    33. Glenda Davis

      I remember most of these events except for Queen Elizabeth speaking to Congress. Didn’t know that happened so that intrigued me.

    34. apple blossom

      I have memories the Gulf War for sure.


      President George H. W. Bush oversees launch of Operation Desert Storm. Gulf War begins as U.S. determines to liberate Kuwait from Iraq invasion. Iraq responds by sending scud missiles into Israel.


      Gulf War ends after 100 hours of ground fighting. Iraq army sets oil fields on fire as they leave Kuwait.

    35. Pam Graber

      I remember many of these happening but as a mom with a baby in the house at the time, there aren’t many that really registered. I remember Bill Clinton announcing for the presidency and I remember that 8 members of Reba’s band were killed in a plane crash. I also remember the awful racial division that was highlighted by the Rodney King beating. It grieves me that this is still the case today!

    36. Elma Brooks

      I loved reading Stephan bly’s books and cant wait to read
      Down squash blossom road.Thanks for the giveaway and being part of the scavenger hunt.

    37. Jamie Smith

      I remember the super nintendo release and the most intriguing is the Judd’s last concert since I am a huge country music fan.

    38. Mimi

      Well, my daughter was born in July of that year, so that has a lot of meaning for me. She was my first baby! I remember quite a few of those events listed above.

    39. E.F.B.

      I wasn’t born until 1992 so I have no memory of any of those headlines. I do, however, find the one about Queen Elizabeth II giving her speech in U.S. Congress interesting because A) May is my birthday month, B) I’ve always had a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth II, and C) I think it’s interesting that she was the first British monarch to do that.

    40. Pam K.

      I remember the Gulf War. My husband was in the National Guard. We were very thankful it ended when it did so he didn’t have to deploy. We saw many army vehicles being shipped by rail go through our town. It was kind of a scary time, thinking he might have to go to war. Our daughter was about 9 months old at the time.

    41. Rachael K

      How did the infamous Halloween Blizzard of 1991 get missed? It’s about the only thing I kind of remember from that that year, as I was not-quite-yet four years old. But the volcanic eruption is interesting, as is dissolution of the USSR; I loved the Russian studies I did in college.

    42. Becky M

      I don’t remember any of these (I was too little at the time) but I never knew Reba McEntyre had band members die in a plane crash. I’m going to have to research that!

    43. Joy

      I remember all those events of 1991! I think the Gulf War stands out to me the most, because so many of my friends’ parents & siblings were deployable & I grew up in a military town. I think it was the scariest time for me, until 9/11, when friends were deployed. By God’s grace, they all came home safely.

      1. Janet Chester Bly

        Joy: You’re one of the few that recall all these 1991 events. Thanks for your thoughts about the time of the Gulf War. So glad your friends & family returned home safe! So thankful for all those in uniform who serve our country!

    44. Rose Milligan

      I was still pretty young in 1991. But I have read Reba’s book, and she discusses the plane crash that killed her band mates. I’ve also watched the movie about the Judds life. So I guess I’m interested in country singers. Thanks for having the giveaway!

    45. Kathy DiDomizio

      The headline about Gorbachev resigning intrigued me the most because I had traveled to the Soviet Union with a college group just a few years before that.

    46. Amber Ludwig

      Considering I was born in 1990, and was only a year old, I don’t have any recollection of any of these events taking place. However, in 2011 at age 11, when George W. Bush was in office and launched a similar attack on terrorism to liberate Iraq, I recall the tv networks playing footage from the actual raids. Because alot of the raids were at night and they were using infrared and night vision lenses and goggles the footage was all sort of greenish and strange. Kind of like in video games. It seemed so surreal to witness a war taking place in another country.

    47. Alex Riggs

      I was really fascinated by was the one about The Dead Sea Scrolls. I’ve always been interested in history. I wasn’t around for it however, as I am only in my late teens right now. I love your books Melissa! I’ve read all of them except Keep Holding On. I can’t wait to read it!

    48. Melanie Kilsby

      Melissa, I have yet to read any of your books and seriously want to! I hope to get it 😀 As does any sane reader…. but you know! *shrugs shoulders* Maybe I’ll win?

      I can’t remember any of those… It was the 9o’s and clearly I was more interested in tie died shirts and MJ, MC Hammer pants and backstreet boys, or something like that lol! However, I do have a faint recollection of watching The Terminator 2 movie and hearing the famous line, “I’ll be Back!”, the Nintendo console and playing Duck Hunt with the real looking guns thing-ies and the world wide web being released because I remember asking why they wanted it to be about spiders… so yah, that was the 90’s in a wrap up for me 😀

      Thanks for the memory lane haha!

    49. Saundra McKenzie

      Four Los Angeles police officers are indicted for the videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King during an arrest. – I remember this well, watched the trial on tv.

    50. Jessica Beery

      I have no idea why some of them stick with me and some of them don’t…LOL…for instance, I remember The Judds final concert but not some of the notable events (how embarrassing!) But I was less than 10 at the time, so my brain obviously hadn’t figured out the meaning of “importance” and “noteworthy” yet. :-)

    51. Shirley Davidson

      I remember all of them but when Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech in U.S. Congress it surprised me as this was a first.

    52. Stacie B.

      Thank you for offering this give away…I look forward to checking out your books….this is a great way to get to know different authors.

    53. Crystal Balzer

      I remember hearing bits and pieces of many of these headlines. I was 10 st the time and didn’t understand much. I do remember my parents being upset about Reba’s band members and my dad joking he knew where she could get a drummer

    54. Ashlee Lowery

      i remember when Reba’s band was killed in a plane crash. She has always has been and will be one of my favorite singers. I went and saw her in concert two years later after the concert.

    55. CutePolarBear

      I wasn’t born yet, either! 1991 was actually a while ago, relatively. It’s hard to believe we’re already well into the 2000’s!


    56. Jan S.

      I am older than I have ever been before and definitely remember all of those happenings in 1991! Thanks for the giveaway. I love reading and having a cup of coffee while I read :)

    57. Jennifer Sauer

      All of the headlines interested me because it’s a part of history that’s fuzziest for me- soon enough that’s it forgotten that it too is a part of history. I liked the mix of major world events and country music headlines <3

      And I can't remember any of these things because I wasn't born until three years later xD

    58. Liz R

      I was one in 1991 so I definitely don’t remember any of those headlines but I’m a big gamer so I’m most intrigued by the release of the Super Nintendo.

    59. Frances Cavallo

      I remember all those headlines…especially when Rodney King was beaten…I remember being frightened by all the things that went on afterwards…also…my daughter served in the Gulf War…so that is all vivid for me…I also remember all the music and movies…my oldest son was very in to The Terminator…and I remember the Judds last concert…they all touched me in some way…as do your books!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity…it would be a blessing to win!!! Have a wonderful, Blessed Day!!!

    60. Danie Walther

      Hi Melissa,

      I love Starbucks coffee ☕️ it’s my favorite. And I would absolutely love reading too. I would definitely love reading your newest book. Thanks for the contest so much fun

    61. Nicole

      Those headlines definitely brought back memories! Melissa, I also loved the Nancy Drew books when I was younger, along with any other mystery series I could get my hands on. :)

      1. Janet Chester Bly

        Becky: Interesting that you got married that year. There is an unusual wedding in Book 2, Down Squash Blossom Road and I suspect there might be at least one other in Book 3 with working title, Beneath a Camperdown Elm.

    62. Sarah Kourkoulis

      Boy, I remembered some of that! The Rodney King video, the Gulf War, the burning oil fields. I was in 8th grade, but the news was on every night. I had started paying attention to headlines around when the Berlin wall fell, and this year made an impact too.

    63. Trixi

      I remember this one in the news “Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union officially ceases to exist.” As a teen during that time, it really didn’t make sense to me but as an adult, I can see where it was an important piece of history!

      Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book and for your participation in the blog hop!

    64. Linda Horin

      I remember many of these events, but Desert Storm is the one that stands out in my mind. I had friends and coworkers who went and served, so that was an impactful event for me.

    65. Laciee

      Right now I’m reading Judith Pella’s book Homeward My Heart which deals with the Soviet Union after WWII, so seeing the headline that it didn’t officially dissolve until 1991 stood out to me, I don’t remember it because I wasn’t born yet!

    66. Judy Cox

      I have heard of all of these headlines. I remember about the plane crash and her band members dying, beause she is one of my favorite singers.

    67. Amanda D

      I remember most of the timeline but the one that stands out the most is the beginning of Operation Desert Storm. I was in 8th grade at the time and one of the teachers in our school enlisted. That made the war very real to us and we understood he might not return home. Thankfully, he did return uninjured.

    68. nicole

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I was in college at the time, so I remember most of these quite well. My husband also remembers the big Halloween blizzard that someone else mentioned…we weren’t married yet and he was in his first year teaching in Minnesota.

    69. Mary Crawford

      I do remember those things in 1991, but my best memory is bringing home our new baby from the hospital in February, to meet his two older brothers who were 12 months, & 2 years old. ❤

    70. Samantha Wagner

      I was only 7 in 1991, so I don’t remember any of these personally. I’ve always liked Reba, so her fact was what caught my eye.

    71. Barbara

      About half of it i remember and half of it i dont………i didnt know about Russia thought…..and that one gave me a thought or two lol

    72. Janka H.

      For me “December – Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union officially ceases to exist.”. This was HUGE for the modern history!

    73. Hannah

      Queen Elizabeth II gives speech in U.S. Congress, first address to U.S. Congress by a British monarch, is the headline I find most interesting. I do not remember this event.

    74. Julia Stone

      I turned 6 in August of 1991… I remember Desert Storm (though probably not the actual start of it), mostly because my brother and I got trading cards with pictures of the cool planes and military vehicles on them… The one that probably stood out the most when it actually happened was the Soviet Union dissolving. It took years for me to make the switch in my head.

    75. Stephanie H.

      Some of these I don’t remember because I was in high school during that year. The one that intrigues me the most is when Queen Elizabeth II gave a speech to U.S. Congress.

    76. Karen

      Um, I remember all of it…except for the internet. When I was in high school in the ’90s, we were still using World Book encyclopedias to do research! Looking back, though, it’s interesting see how many pivotal moments in history happened in one year!

    77. Rhonda

      The item that speaks to me the most is the release of the Super Nintendo console. Christmas 1992 I gave that gift to my boyfriend at the time who became my husband. I picked a good gift for him & a good husband!

    78. Teresa Leacock

      I remember a lot of this stuff happening…Gorbachev resigning, Clinton running for president, the Judds final concert, Super Nintendo; but I didn’t remember the volcano in the Phillipines! Wow. Thanks for the chance to win – love your books, Melissa!

    79. Melinda M

      I remember most of these events. The biggest was the Soviet Union was gone. As a history person the end of such a big country was big and changes the balance of power in many places in the world.

    80. Amanda W

      I was a young first grader then, but I remember several of these events. The Gulf War and the Rodney King beating really stand out to me.

    81. Rachel Koppleberger

      I don’t remember, but I was only a year old then. I remember watching my dad play super Mario brothers on our super Nintendo. I don’t know how old I was, but I’d watch him play level after level when he was home.

    82. Merry S.

      The Dead Sea Scrolls. My son was born that same month and my sister passed away 3 days later, so its a pretty vivid bittersweet time for me.

    83. Pamela Morrisson

      I remember most of the headlines. Looking back, the effects of some of those events are still evident today. If I had to choose one I found most interesting, it would probably be the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    84. Sarah J

      I remember most of them, especially Operation Dessert Storm & leading up to it, wondering what it would be like for our country to be at war.

    85. Susan M.

      I particularly noticed the headline about the release of photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I hadn’t known that the general public didn’t get see them until 44 years later! And I do remember watching TV footage of the start of the Gulf War. I was home sick from school with strep throat, and was very interested in following what was happening.

    86. Andrea Eriksen

      This is my first time doing the scavenger hunt, and I’m enjoying finding out about a lot of new (to me) authors! Thanks for doing this.

    87. Dani Bunting

      I distinctly remember the beginning of Operation Desert Storm. My brother was in the Navy and stationed in the Persian Gulf. What a frightening time.

    88. Felicity Shepherd

      Governor of Arkansas, William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton, announces he’ll seek the 1992 Democratic nomination for U.S. President was the one that jumped out at me – was it that long ago?!

      I don’t remember any of that as I was a toddler at the time.

    89. Bonnie Roof

      Yes, I remember most of the events listed – one that leaped out at me involved the Rodney King beating. Just when it appears we’ve made some stride forward in racial equality, we take a step backward. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

    90. Kelly Gregory

      I started high school that year, so I remember most of the events on the list. I did not remember the issue with the dead sea scrolls so now I want to look into it. I loved the walk down memory lane!

    91. Caitlin

      “After pressure for publication mounted, general access made available to photographs of the Dead Sea Scrolls, forty-four years after discovery of the first Scroll.” – This is very interesting.

      I don’t actually remember any of these because I was born in 1992.

    92. Joanna H.

      I wasn’t actually born yet. Haha, so no memories. But the June headline of Mt. Pinatubo erupting in the Philippines was interesting.

    93. Beth

      I remember most of them, I was a junior in high school but the one that I remember most of all is President George H. W. Bush oversees launch of Operation Desert Storm. Our history teachers son was on the ground there and so everyday he read the newspaper articles about it to us, he would read us letters he received from his son, and we as a class put together care packages for others in his platoon who didn’t have anyone. Never will forget this. For the first time this kind of thing was personal.

    94. Hester

      “Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union officially ceases to exist.” was the headline that surprised me & I remember it happening.

    95. Virginia Burford

      I was one that year so I don’t remember much of anything. The headline that most intrigues me, however, is the one where Reba McEntire’s band was lost in an accident. I never knew that. How sad!

    96. Rachel

      Hi Janet,
      The things that stand out to me is the launch of the Iraqi war. I remember seeing it on tv and the realizing for the first time that I was alive in the time where there was a war going on. You hear about the “history” of wars, Korea, Vietnam etc, but you weren’t there to know what people were going through during that time.
      2. I remember the hearing about the ending of “The Judds” and for the final time “Love can Build a Bridge.”
      Seems like yesterday but ….oh so long ago.

    97. Cheryl Olson

      Wow- 1991 was the year that my 1st daughter was born- a lot happened that year for sure both globally and personally for me! Thank you so much for being one of the hosts for this scavenger hunt- so kind of you!

    98. Susan Wilson

      I do remember the Mt Pinatubo volcano eruption and how the particulates affected a very large area. There are so many events that I lived through back then, but that one stands out in my memory :(

    99. violet pratt

      I remember most of these headlines. The one I remember most vividly is when the Gulf War ended. I was in middle school and so grateful it was over and felt so patriotic.

    100. Emily Wilkinson

      June’s headline intrigues me the most. Since I did not enter the world until 1996, I do not have any memories of these events.

    101. Katie

      I wasn’t born till 1994, but the post about May and it being the first address to U.S. Congress by a British monarch was really interesting! Didn’t know that!

    102. Deena Hays

      They were all intriguing but I would have to say the George Busch and Iraq War, Reba’s band member crash and the Judds final performance as well as the Rodney King incident I have memories of.

    103. Charlotte

      I have memories of all the headlines. Reba’s band crash very sad. Historic moment with the Queen’s speech. Thanks for being part of the Scavenger Hunt.

    104. Terrill Rosado

      I remember Jan. 1991. I was in my third year of college and my roommates and I went to the college worship meeting that night. One roommate was particularly upset. Four years later I met my husband-to-be who had served during that conflict.

    105. Diane

      I am a new reader – just bought three of your books yesterday and read two today! Keep writing!!! 1991 holds lots of memories for me as it was the year I got married. I’ll be checking out Janet’s books as well. I love finding new Christian authors both for me and my four daughters. Will definitely be sharing the books I read!

    106. Tricia Morrison-Stork

      Well in Oct.1991, I just gave birth to my second daughter, working full time when I could and so busy that the world by me without too much of a notice. Thank you being a part of the hunt and for the chance to win.

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